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SECNAV Announces New USS John Basilone DDG-122

USS John Basilone DDG-122




Below is a link to complete a form to indicate if you plan to attend the Christening and/or the Commissioning ceremonies for the USS John Basilone, DDG-122.  This is to let the Navy know how many crewmen plan to attend these ceremonies.  When the dates and places are known, those crewmen who completed the form will be emailed that information.

USS John Basilone, DDG-122, Planned Attendance at Christening/Commissioning Ceremonies


DDG-122 Updates


Operation Get On Board


November 9, 2021

Two new pictures of the DDG-122

(Photo from General Dynamics Bath Iron Works Facebook Page)


December 22, 2020,

From: Tom Berry, OS3 74-77


I just got an update on the ship from NAVSEA (my employer) with new key dates.

1. The home port has shifted from Norfolk to Mayport (YEAH!!!)
2. The Launching is now 27 NOV 2021 (was 06 AUG 2021)
3.Delivery (crew moves onboard) now 20 JAN 2023 (was 29 JUL 2022).
4. Sail away from BIW MAY 2023 (was NOV 2022)

Not sure when/where commissioning is but I bet it’s sometime in MAY 2023.


September 26, 2020

Recently crews completed a complex integration of the final stern unit for the future USS John Basilone (DDG 122).  (Photo from General Dynamics Bath Iron Works Facebook Page)


DDG-122 Stern



June 15, 2020

From James Cossey, RADM, USS Basilone DDE-824 1959 – 1962

James received the following message from Naval Sea Systems Command

"Good morning!  It is so good to hear from you.  We are happy to share that the current schedule for BASILONE (DDG 122) christening in Bath, Maine, is tentatively to take place during the Summer of 2021.  We do not currently know if this schedule will hold due to COVID-19 impacts.  Please give our best to the members of the BASILONE Association.


May 30, 2020

From James Cossey, RADM, USS Basilone DDE-824 1959 - 1962

I have received from Bath Iron Works information about the construction schedule of the Arleigh Burke destroyer, USS John Basilone DDG-122.  1. Construction is underway -- about 40% complete.  2. Keel-laying, laying/welding the keel took place Friday, January 10, 2020.  3. Christening is open to the public and currently is scheduled for March 2021.  Application for an invitation to witness the christening will be listed on the Bath Iron Works website ( about 30 days in advande of the christening date.  4. Delivery is expected in January 2022.


January 10, 2020

Today at Bath Iron Works, the keel was laid for the USS John Basilone DDG-122.  During the ceremony, sponsors of the ship Ryan Manion and Amy Looney welded their names on the keel plate.  "We hereby declare that the keel of the future USS John Basilone has been truley and fairly laid!"



November 21, 2017

George (Chris) Christenson received the following email from his contact at Bath Iron Works about USS John Basilone, DDG-122.

Hi Chris,

We held a start fabrication ceremony on May 22.  The next milestone will be the official keel laying, which is scheduled for some time in the fall of 2019.  We're very prod to be building a ship named for such an incredible hero!

Best of luck,



August 16, 2016

Camp Pendleton, California -- In a ceremony at the Marine Corps Base Pendleton, California, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced Arleigh Burke - class destroyer, DDG-122, will be named for John Basilone in honor of the Marine Corps gunnery sergeant and Medal of Honor recipient.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism during the Battle of Guadalcanal, and was the only enlisted Marine to receive both the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross in World War II.

This is the second ship to be named for John Basilone.  The first USS Basilone DDE/DD-824 was a Gearing class destroyer, decommissioned in 1977.

"It is a great honor to name this ship in recognition of John Basilone," said Mabus.  "I have no doubt that all who serve aboard her will carry on the legacy of service and commitment exemplified by this Marine Corps hero."

The ship will be constructed at Bath Iron Works, a division of General Dynamics in Maine and is expected to enter the Navy fleet in 2022.  The ship will be 509 feet long, have a beam length of 59 feet and be capable of operating at speeds in excess of 30 knots.

April 25, 2022, From Geoffrey Bender, FTG2 70-74

USS John Basilone DDG-122, Christening Ceremony

The christening of the USS John Basilone DDG-122 has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2022 in Bath, Maine.  I have sent individual emails to the crew members who have expressed interest in attending the christening ceremony.  If you are interested in attending the ceremony and have not completed the survey, go to the USS John Basilone DDG-122 tab, click on the survey link and complete the form. I will then forward your information to General Dynamics Bath Iron Works.


January 30, 2022  From Geoffrey Bender FTG2 70 -74

USS John Basilone, DDG-122

I received the following message from my contact at the Navy Department about the 122.

We believe the christening of JOHN BASILONE may take place in the early summer timeframe.  We are hoping to have a date from the shipyard soon and I will keep you posted.

When I receive additional information about the 122, I will post it.


October 14, 2021  From Geoffrey Bender FTG2, 70-74

USS John Basilone DDG-122, Update

I emailed my contact about the launching of DDG-122 and received the following response.

The launch and christening of the future USS John Basilone is still a ways off and the date has not been set. I suspect that may happen sometime early next year. If you would like to check back after the new year, we might have a more precise estimate.

I will be checking with my contact in January for any further updates.


August 9, 2021

From Geoffrey Bender FTG2, 70-74

USS John Basilone DDG-122, Update

I emailed my contact about the launching of DDG-122 and received the following response.

No date has been set yet for the launching of DDG-122. We’re still finding the best path for events given the ongoing issues with the coronavirus.  Check back again in October and we will hopefully have a better idea at that point.

I will be checking with my contact in October for any further updates.


January 6, 2021, From: Geoffrey Bender, FTG2, 70-74

I sent the dates from Tom Berry about DDG-122 to my contact at NAVSEA and asked if they were firm or tentative and the response I received from her is:

It looks as though the information below came directly from the DDG 51 Class Master Planning Scheduled.

The information below is considered internal planning data and represents target dates based on the best information the Navy has at this time and are definitely not firm at this point.  Based on this new information, we are projecting that christening could notionally take place in the November/December 2021 timeframe and commissioning in June 2023.  Again, this is all very notional at this point.

I will be checking with my contact every 4 or 5 months for updates and will post them on the website.
September 2, 2020
From Geoffrey Bender, FTG2, USS Basilone DD-824, Jan 1970 – Jun 1974

The machinist strike at Bath Iron Works ended August 23, 2020.  I emailed my contact at the Navy Department asking what effect the strike had on the scheduling of the christening and commissioning of DDG-122.  Below is her response:

Hello Sir and thank you so much for the outreach.  I am afraid that the summer’s labor dispute probably will impact the schedule.  The Navy production team will be reviewing the impacts over the course of the next month and I should have more information to share soon.

I will email her in about 2 months for an update, please keep checking the website for further updates.


August 6, 2020

From Geoffrey Bender, FTG2, USS Basilone DD-824, 1970 – 1974
Since there was no response from SECNAV about USS John Basilone, DDG-122, I emailed a contact I have at the Navy Department asking him if he knew anyone who could give us information about DDG-122.  He replied back with a name and email address of someone who could give us information.  I emailed her and received the following response:


Thank you so very much for the note.  We are so honored to be involved in the construction of a new destroyer to honor John Basilone and are truly looking forward to working with you in the coming months as the ship comes to life. 

You are indeed correct, the keel was laid in January of this year and we are currently targeting August of 2021 for the christening.  The commissioning ceremony is very notionally planned for December of 2022 but this may well change as we get closer to the event. 

We do not yet have a commanding officer or crew assigned for the ship, but once we do, I would be so happy to connect you with them.  I know the ship will want to build a relationship with you and your fellow shipmates. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time for additional information and thank you again for your outreach. 

Great news about the christening targeted for August of 2021.  However the machinists union at the Bath Iron Works went on strike June 22 and as of August 5th is still on strike.  How this will affect the targeted christening date of August 2021 is unknown at this time.


January 4, 2020

Frank Stepka sent a letter to Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, asking for information about the new USS John Basilone, DDG-122 and how the members of the USS Basilone Association would be able to attend the christening and commissioning of DDG-122.  (As of 06/17/2020 we have not had a response from SECNAV's office).  

Letter to SECNAV: Download

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