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Reunion Update: April 6, 2020

To the crewmembers of the USS Basilone:


The officers of the association have evaluated the risks of this virus and it has been decided (unanimously) to cancel the Providence Reunion. In the interest of all involved, we felt this to be the best course of action. With cities, counties and states curbing social activity and the anticipation of a second wave of the virus possible, our reunion would be at risk either way.

We ask that our shipmates access the Basilone website and take a few minutes to take the reunion survey.  You need a password to access the Reunion Survey page.  You will receive the password via email or USPS, if you do not receive the password use the Contact Webmaster page to request the password.   The Reunion Survey page will be open from April 15, 2020 to June 1, 2020. This information will be used to determine next year’s (and future) reunions.

We also ask our shipmates to use the Crew Register/Update page on the website to add or update their contact information. This information cuts the associations costs in mailings and keeps communication lines open.

As Association Chaplain, I pray for a resolve of this sickness that has taken our world and wish that you and your family and friends good health. Take care of each other and God bless.

Frank J Stepka
USS Basilone Association
2020 Providence Reunion Host
Association Chaplain

Reunion Update 1: March 15, 2020

For those shipmates who only want to attend the Welcome Reception and/or the Farewell Banquet the cost for the Welcome Reception is $20.00 per person and the cost for the Farewell Banquet is $55.00 person.

If you want to do the welcome dinner and/or the farewell banquet only, you can make a notation on the registration form or you may call Gatherings Plus and they can get you signed up. The Base Package cost will not apply.

Reunion Update 2: March 15, 2020

To the Members of the USS Basilone Association: 

Gatherings Plus is in the business of planning reunions! Due to the current threat of Corona Virus (C-19), I would imagine they are waist-deep in the damage control mode. With nation-wide panic and cancellations, they are taking a big hit that is going to affect them seriously. We have not been forgotten by them, but they are currently putting out fires around the country and many of them are larger than our group. I feel confident that the 2020 Providence Reunion will be held as scheduled. 

 It is of my opinion that the Corona Virus is a very serious matter. Is it life threatening, yes. However, I also believe that the media has blown the whole issue completely out of proportion. I have concern for those afflicted by the virus and sympathy for the families and friends that have or may lose a loved one as a result of this disease. It is important to maintain personal hygiene and ride out the storm. We’ve all been exposed to much greater life-threatening issues.

 Thank you for your understanding.


 Frank J Stepka Sr.
USS Basilone Association
2020 Providence, Rhode Island Reunion
537 East Bethany Drive
Allen, Texas 75002-4040
(214) 621-2520



REUNION UPDATE January 25th. 2020

John Sabourin has stepped down due to personal and family issues.  By default, as co-host, I have been promoted to host.

I would like to thank John for handling the preliminary planning and helping with the investigation and planning of this year’s tours. His knowledge of the New England area was invaluable.  I wish my shipmate and brother the very best and hope to see him in October.

Let us begin…

The reunion dates of October 5th, (Monday) thru the 9th, (Friday) have been secured for us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Providence/Warwick RI.  The tours will include Newport, Groton, Mystic Seaport, Fall River and Boston.  Gatherings Plus will be handling our reunion the same as they did last year.  The reservations for the Crowne Plaza Hotel must be made by each individual by calling the hotel and that information will be posted as soon as I get the group number for the Basilone Association.  The costs and reservation arrangements for meals and tours will be posted on the Gatherings Plus website in the near future. The same option of paying off the tours in two (2) payments will be the same as in Atlanta last year.

Details will be available within the next two (2) weeks.   Reunion packets will be either emailed or mailed out to the association members and posted on the website.  Thank you for your understanding.  See you in October in Providence, Rhode Island!

Frank Stepka

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