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  1. Stephen Messer says:

    Hello…. I served on the Basilone from ‘72-‘75 and was the ship’s barber from 73-75. All in all a treasured and unique time in my life as I look back.
    I’ve written an instrumental tune about the “dirty B” and it can be found on Spotify (and other streaming platforms) for those that want to give it a listen.
    It’s called “Basilone Underway” and my artist name is Still Stephen.

  2. I was a rookie in deck dept. standing watch on bridge when Mt 51was taken and still in deck dept. when Liberty was attacked. I have a pic of it in Italy I think in dry dock with hole in side. Then had transferred to engineering and was E5 ship fitter along With E5 Mike Collins
    running shop when the Bodrum Turkey thing happened. Sent guys out to do aft compartment soundings. What a life! Have pics of that Russian tub “Moscow” through long glass with instantamatic camera.

  3. Mrs. William L. Grenoble IV Prudence Person Johnaon says:

    William “Skip”” Grenoble IV will be laid to rest at Arlington. National Cemetery November 20 2023. at 11 am.
    our family that the crew members is the USS Basilone for the welcome and camaraderie on board his first Navy duty!
    Navy tradition continues with his son a Lieutenant Commander! A second son assigned to Aberdeen Proving Ground and a loving daughter who stood beside him every day for two years for his last cruise on this earth . Rest in peace Skip.

    1. John Jaskowiak, RM3 64-67 says:

      I had the honor to work under Mr. Grenoble, our Assistant Communcation Officer. May he rest in peace and we keep him and all our deceased shipmates in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Robert Barkalow, Jr. says:

    We cruised in to the Med, 6th Fleet right before Christmas 1964 been out to sea for a good 30 days, only to find out I had to pull Shore Patrol the first night in France. Anyway, at least I won the beard growing contest going over.

    1. John Paulitz says:

      I remember you Bob.I believe you were a radioman.I too was on that cruise to the Med.I think I saw you at the ships reunion in Charleston,SC. I was i third class Gunners Mate.

      1. Alan Dobos says:

        John, you may not remember me, but I was friends with your brother Joel. Last time I saw Joel, was 20-some years ago at a ships reunion in Baltimore. Please give him my best. Al Dobos

      2. Alan Dobos says:

        Alan Dobos was on board the U S S Basilone, DD-824, from 10/4/65 to 10/4/67. We were on an around the world cruise via Vietnam, at the time. We crossed the equator and were initiated, and returned to the states as honorable shellbacks. I’m still looking for those days we all lost when crossing the international date line. Some of my friends were Jim O’Brien (EM-1), Bob Barth (EM-3), Tom Lender (EM-3), Bob Hart (EM-2), Chief O’Shae, John Prendergast (EM-2), Lt. Blumburgh, Davis (IC-2), George Sprinkles (MM-2), and others. I made EM-3 while in Westpac, and passed the EM-2 exam before returning to my naval reserve training center in Cleveland, Ohio. Was mustered out of the Navy from there.

        I still remember us getting hit hard by a wave and the main forward deck, forward of the front gun mount, splitting opened. That’s when I lost confidence and the mighty 824!

    2. John Jaskowiak, RM3 says:

      Bob, I felt safe in Saint Raphael, France knowing you were on patrol. You sure did host at great reunion in Charleston.

  5. alex morris says:

    I was a Middie summer of 1955 visiting Valencia Spain. Fantail movies visible to those on the pier usually had Errol Finn as an English hero, battling Spanish bad guys. Visitors needed passes to tour the ship but Liberty party guys gave most tickets to ‘neighborly’ bar ladies; the local citizenry could not come aboard.

  6. Frank Ruspoli says:

    I served on board 9/’58-5/’61. Fox division.
    Enjoyed the Canadian cruise to Toronto.
    The two months cruises to the Caribbean every winterwere great, sunbathing in January and February. Great ship.

  7. William (Dave) Davenport says:

    I served on board 1/57 -11/59. Was part of June 57 Hampton Roads Naval review. In 58 we escorted a troup transport into the harbor at Beruit Lebanon. Then doing figure eights for fifty some days at relax battle stations. Then in 59 was part of Toronto National Exibition.

  8. John McAdoo says:

    I served on the Basilone from May 1960 until August 1962 RM3

  9. james nelson says:

    i was bt2from 69-71

  10. Carl Sims says:

    I was a member of the crew when the Liberty was torpedoed in 1967. a story to tell there. Actually made a video tape of my home movies of the 6th fleet carrier groups in the Med during the time. Passed it along to the reunion meeting perhaps 10-12 years ago. Since then we lost our CA home to wildfires and all my videotapes and films were lost.
    also on board when we lost the forward gun mount to wave action off of Cape Hatteras.

    1. Ed Kelly BT2 says:

      I was on board also both events
      I was more concerned and scared when the Liberty was attacked than I was in Viet Nam in 66. I was a BT in the aft fireroom and had to fire up the 2 nd boiler to chase the Russians back to the Black Sea
      I remember when the Chiefs Quarters got flooded from the damage gun Mount

    2. Edward Kelly says:

      PS sorry for your loss

    3. Bruce Hundrtmark GM 2 says:

      Nice to see you are still around. Thanks for that picture you took of me in the gun mount.

  11. Dick Keim says:

    I was a member of the crew when Basilone ran aground at Ft Henry, Va.

    1. Jerry O'Connor says:

      I was a member of the crew when we nearly ran aground (on to the rocks actually!) in Bodrum, Turkey in 1970 and one of only two crew members who witnessed it from the shore.

      1. John E. Gotimer says:

        I was in the forward fireroom while we were dragging the anchor.

      2. Geoffrey Bender says:

        I was on the fantail when we dragged the anchor at Bodrum, Turkey getting closer to the rocks and watching the silt and sand being disturbed by screws.

        1. mark powers says:

          I was in the aft fireroom, March 20, 1970 when the order was given to light off, we made an additional boiler available with in minutes.

      3. David MacFarlane says:

        Some of us witnessed it close up. Great crew work saved the day!

      4. Russell S. Rogers says:

        I was cleaning radio antennas on the yard ions high above deck. The chief and I were the only radiomen not afraid to climb. We were down and gone in no time. Remember seeing all the rocks flying.

      5. Bill Goccia says:

        I was the other guy who witnessed this event in Bodrum. Bill Goccia, RD3.

  12. John Carney says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this page, It is very much appreciated,

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