USS Basilone DDE/DD 824
A Gearing Class Destroyer
The Greyhounds of the Fleet
Commissioned 26 July 1949 - Decommissioned 1 November 1977


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DDE 824
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January 21, 2024  Geoffrey Bender FTG2, 70-74

USS John Basilone DDG-122 Update

I received the below update from CDR Carne Livingston, CO of the USS John Basilone DDG-122

I hope all is well.  We were able to send several of our crew members to Raritan, NJ this year for the John Basilone parade.  Unfortunately, a big storm came through and the parade committee cancelled the parade; so we reduced the number of people who traveled, but still took the opportunity to connect with the Basilone Memorial Foundation, the Basilone Parade committee, our USMC counterparts, as well as the community of Raritan.

We are expecting the ship to be ready to commence sea trials next month!  This fall/winter was been busy as BIW completed generator and main engine testing.  The BIW team has been conducting dock trials this week!  I am excited to finally see the ship ready to go to sea for underway testing!

As long as these final tests go well, we will be ready to take custody and move aboard the ship in early July.  Our plan is to sail away in early October 2024 and to commission shortly thereafter.  As of now, our top choice for commissioning remains New York City’s Pier 88 (cruise ship terminal in Mid-town Manhattan).  We should be forming the commissioning committee very soon so they can raise money for the commissioning.


The USS Basilone Association welcomes all crew members, their families and friends to the official site of the USS Basilone DDE/DD 824.  The Basilone is a post WWII Gearing Class Destroyer that in its lifetime was home to all the men that served on her.

This site was created to bring all of the Basilone's former crew together where old friendships could be rekindled.  The Association has been running Reunions since 1994 and the creation of this site was a natural continuance to bringing Basilone's crew together and a way to remember crewmembers that are no longer with us.  During the gallant life of the Basilone she had many miles and the tales are still being told all over the US.

The Photo Center is the place you can rest assured will put a smile on your face.  Hard to believe we actually looked like that.  We have vintage photos from past reunions.  If you have photos you want to add to the Photo Center contact the webmaster to add your photos to the website's Photo Center.

The Ship's History section tells not only the complete history of the USS Basilone but also about John Basilone the Marine Medal of Honor recipient the USS Basilone is named after.  And as Basilone sailed the world's oceans they were not always a safe place to be.  In the Basilone Tragedies section of the Ship's History we talk about the events that occurred on the Basilone and remember the men who lost their lives.

In Memoriam is the page we list all the Basilone crew that are no longer with us.

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