USS John Basilone DDG-122, Post Mast Stepping Meet and Greet

_______ USS John Basilone DDG-122, Post Mast Stepping Meet and Greet _______


After the Mast Stepping Ceremony was completed, there was a meet and greet at the PCU (pre-commissioing unit) office.  Present were the CO, XO, CMC, Junior Officers, Senior Enlisted and their familes.  There were four members of the 824 crew also in attendance, Joe Fisher, FN 65, Richard Henderson, RM2, 70-71, Michael Moscynski, LTjg, 71-74 and Geoffrey Bender, FTG2, 70-74.  We, the 824 crew, talked about our experiences on the 824 with some of the 122's Junior Officers and Senior Enlisted.  They were very interested in what we had to say. 







CO, CDR Carne Livingston making opening remarks.

Note the TV screen on the left side of the picture.  There was a Zoom call with some of the enlisted crew who are stationed in Norfolk, VA. 






Cake celebrating the Mast Stepping Ceremony.  It says on it , Mast Stepping, June 17, 2022, Welcome Selfless Warriors.  It also has the ship's patch.

Cutting of the cake by the oldest and youngest members of the crew present.




This is a shadow box that was presented to the crew of the 122.  It contains pictures of the 824 in it's DDE and DD configurations, DDE and DD ship's patches, DESRON 36 and DESRON 12 patches. 

At the bottom the inscription reads:

Presented to the crew of the USS John Basilone DDG-122
From the crew of the USS Basilone DD-824
Fair winds and following seas
June 18, 2022



Geoffrey Bender FTG2, 70-74, presenting the shadowbox to the crew.  On the white board on the right is the camera for the Zoom call with the crew that is in Norfolk.



Geoffrey Bender presenting shadowbox to CDR Carne Livingston.










Michael Moscynski, LTjg, 71-74

Cheryl and Richard Henderson, RM2, 70-71









Joe Fisher, FN, 65

CDR Carne Livingston, CO DDG-122, Geoffrey Bender FTG2, 70-74, CDR Jason Holbrook XO DDG-122

Photographs provided by Joe Fisher, FN 65 and Michael Moscynski, LTjg 71-74

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