VA Experiences

VA Experiences

Below are comments about experiences other shipmates have had with the VA in claiming benefits.  If you would like to leave a comment scroll to the bottom and leave your comment.  (Note: before your comment will appear on the page it must be approved.  This approval process is to ensure that there is no inappropriate content.)

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3 thoughts on “VA Experiences”

  1. Free Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Batteries and Blue Tooth TV Audio: I was Gunnery Officer in ’64-’65 (6th Fleet / Med Cruise) and EMO in ’65-66 and DASH CIC Controller “65-’66 (7th Fleet / Vietnam and Around-the-World Cruise) so lots of loud noises, both gunnery and jet engines. VA American Lake near Tacoma, Washington tested my hearing and provides me with new Hearing Aids every 5 years. I also receive free batteries and blue tooth TV audio system so I can hear television even when the volume is very low on the TV itself. The VA has been very helpful and my experience has been very positive.

  2. James Goodspeed says:

    I served on Basilone from FRAM in 1963 until 1965 as DCA and MPA. Was exposed to Agent Orange on 1965 World cruise.I am 100% disabled,service connected. I know how to counsel veterans to receive tje benefits which they have earned. I am also a certified Service Officer. Need help? Contact me at [email protected]
    com I can help you

  3. Michael Moscynski, LT.jg 71-74 says:

    I was diagnosed with a bone marrow cancer by the VA over 3 years ago. The VA suspected exposure to agent orange from the 1972 cruise. They assigned me a Cancer Care social worker who helped me with all paperwork. In particular I used the ship’s log with position locations which showed proximity to coastal Vietnam. The VA has given me excellent care.
    If you were honorably discharged even for a short service time you are eligible for some level of VA care; even more with Vietnam service. Take your DD214 down to your nearest VA and get signed up.
    If you are wondering if you might be ill, have your VA primary care physician perform a wide spectrum screening blood test for agent orange induced illnesses.

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