USS John Basilone, DDG-122, Planned Attendance at Commissioning Ceremony

If you plan on attending the Commissioning Ceremony for the USS John Basilone DDG-122, please complete the form below.  When the date and place is known, those crewmen who completed the form will be emailed that information and their contact information will be sent to the Navy for the Navy to send invitations for the ceremony.

Note 1: At this time the commissioning is tentatively scheduled for 9 November 2024, in New York City.

NOTE 2: The 9 November 2024 date for the commissioning is TENTATIVE.  This date and location must be approved by the Secretary of the Navy. 

 Note 3: The Association has nothing to do with the planning of the commissioning ceremony; we are just gathering information on who would like to attend the ceremony and passing it on to the Navy.

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