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Shipmates please use website page: Crew Register/Update, to add or update contact information.  This page is for: 1. any shipmate who is not on our roster and mailing list to enter their contact information, and 2. current shipmates whose contact information has changed to update their information.


March 23, 2020:  For those shipmates who were on the Basilone when we went to Vietnam in 1972 and are going to apply to the VA for Agent Orange benefits.  You will need a copy of the deck logs from our time in Vietnam. Use the download below to obtain the deck logs.

USS Basilone Deck Logs from Vietnam during 1972 World Cruise: Download


March 15, 2020

To the Members of the USS Basilone Association:

Gatherings Plus is in the business of planning reunions! Due to the current threat of Corona Virus (C-19), I would imagine they are waist-deep in the damage control mode. With nation-wide panic and cancellations, they are taking a big hit that is going to affect them seriously. We have not been forgotten by them, but they are currently putting out fires around the country and many of them are larger than our group. I feel confident that the 2020 Providence Reunion will be held as scheduled.

It is of my opinion that the Corona Virus is a very serious matter. Is it life threatening, yes. However, I also believe that the media has blown the whole issue completely out of proportion. I have concern for those afflicted by the virus and sympathy for the families and friends that have or may lose a loved one as a result of this disease. It is important to maintain personal hygiene and ride out the storm. We’ve all been exposed to much greater life-threatening issues.

Thank you for your understanding.


Frank J Stepka Sr.
USS Basilone Association
2020 Providence, Rhode Island Reunion Host

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