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  1. manilajohn824 says:

    We had a great reunion this year thanks to Karl and Phyllis Weber.

    Next year the reunion will be held in Atlanta, GA, hosted by Fred and Sue Gehrisch.

  2. Geoffrey Bender says:


    1500: Commence check-in (if rooms are not ready, you can stow your gear in the Meeting Room or in a space provided by the hotel}. The hotel will allow you your room early if it is ready.

    Welcome/Registration in Meeting Room. Be sure to stop in to receive your welcome package.

    There will be snacks and beverages available during check-in. If you do not already have your own name tag be sure to get one from us and wear it so everyone knows you are with the group and who you are. This is a great time to catch up and look for shipmates you served with. No time to be shy, the week goes by very fast.

    1800: Welcome Dinner of Black Angus Berger’s and Brats will commence in the meeting room. A short welcome speech will be made and you won’t want to miss it! Details regarding tours, transportation and agenda will be discussed as well as information regarding shopping and tour options. Attendance is mandatory for all hands.

    NOTES: The Meeting Room will be open until 2200 each evening or earlier if everybody leaves. Please help to keep the area squared away. There will be tables for the display of memorabilia and some of the various raffle and door prize, feel free to display any items you wish during the reunion. I would suggest you mark items. If anyone has questions, please let me know. Any items left, at the end of the reunion, and not identified will be considered the property of the Association and absorbed into the Association archives.

    Due to Hotel Rules, we have both a MEETING ROOM and a HOSPITALITY ROOM . Adult beverages are not supposed to be carried around the hotel and only served in hospitality room. I will explain more about this during the welcome speech. Phil Poplaski, Geoff Bender, Fred Gehresch and Karl Weber will have pass keys to the HOSPITALITY ROOM.

    Hospitality Room will be open nightly until the last key holder leaves. Meeting Room will be open until 2200.

  3. tempadmin says:

    1-Geoffrey Bender
    2-Diann Bender
    3-James Linhares
    4-Norman Lacrox
    5-Bob Terhune
    6-Shirley Terhune
    7- Michael Moscynski
    8- Mary Moscynski
    9-Peter Shoen
    10-Edward Alexander
    11-Fred Gehrisch
    12-Sue Gehrisch
    13-Joe Fisher
    14-Lin Fisher
    15-Ronald Pfalzgraf
    16-Judy Pfalzgraf
    17-Willard Fogarty
    18-John Hunter
    19-Michele Hunter
    20-Robert Plonk
    21-Deborah Plonk
    22-Bob Clancy
    23-Linda Clancy
    24-Philip Poplaski
    25-Mary Poplaski
    26-John Berger
    27-Shirley Berger
    28-Bill DePhillip
    29-Caryl DePhillip
    30-Barbara Demlit
    31-Marlene Sullivan
    32-Frank Stepka
    33-David Taylor
    34-Virginia Taylor
    35-Karl Weber
    36- Phyllis Weber
    37-Russell Rogers
    38-Sharon Rogers
    39-James Berry
    40- Gale Berry
    41-Leonard Cerzosie Sr
    42-Leonard Cerzosie Jr
    43-Paul Ely
    44-Walter Smith
    45-Anna Smith
    46- Chris Christenson
    47-Ellen Christenson
    48-French Johnson
    49-Naomi Johnson
    50-Larry Smith
    51-Joe Py
    52-Ruth Py
    53-Tom Towers
    54-Edward Sauter
    55-Shelly Sauter

  4. Chris says:

    Ships Store will be there
    who will host 2019

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